Furniture & Extras

Heating and Fans: There are a range of heaters we keep in stock throughout the year as being in the UK the weather is never predictable. We have Blow Heaters which run on gas and electricity and have to be manually controlled, or we have In-Direct heaters which run on diesel and is automatically controlled through a thermostat. We also stock fans for any hot weather.

Tables: There are two types of tables we carry, the first is trestle tables which are rectangle and seat 6 people per table. The second is round tables which seat 8 or 9 people comfortably, larger round tables are available which can seat more people on request.

Table Covers and Chair Covers: Tables covers are available for round and rectangle tables to give a more luxury feel for any event. Chair covers are also available for any event in a white base with coloured ties to suit any colour scheme.

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